So you heard how fun and crazy we are! Join us for an invigorating and fun workout that will change your mind & body in less than 30 days! Whether you are coming in as a walk in or become a member the moment you fall in love with the new you, we are here with you every step of the way. We have a judgment free zone where you are free to be you, while reinventing you!

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Begins May 2018

Monday Mania

Privates and Personal Training

Training Tuesday

AM- Privates and Personal Training

Humpday Wednesday’s

7:30p-8:30p ASY Booty Camp

8:30p-9:30p ASY TwerkFit

Thrilling Thursday

7:30p-8:30p Flare, Floor, & Flow

8:30p-9:30p All Level Spin

Frisky Friday

6:00p-7:00p S.L.A.P

7:00p-8:00p Sultry Silhouettes

Sexy Saturday’s

1:00p-2:00p ASY Intro to Pole

2:00p-3:00p ASY Pole I

3:00p-4:00p Inverted


Inquire about Personal Training and Private Pole Lessons
Scheduled Based Upon Availability. Members and Walk Ins Must Register for all classes.
Please arrive 5 minutes before class start time. Bring a towel, water, shorts, long socks, knee-pads, and heels to class. 


Class Descriptions

(P-Pole Class-$20, F-Fitness Class-$15)


ASYIntro to Pole - You will learn the grips & technique of Pole Fitness and are ready to apply your knowledge & skill to some sexy and fun static moves!  Beginner inverts, floorwork,, and pole spins are broken down and practiced in this class. This class is a great pole strength builder, and will tone you from head to toe!  Intro is a prerequisite to A Sensual Pole I.  Your ASY trained instructor will graduate you to that next level. (P)

ASYPole I - You are now "pole addicted!!  In this class you will more detailed spins, static poses,  spin pole, climbing, climbing to inverts, & pole dance combinations! Come ready to build your skills! (P)

ASYAll Level Spin - Whether your a novice or competitor join us for this Spinning Pole Class that focuses on proper spin, core , and grip technique. From  or up high all levels are welcome. (P)

Inverted -  Come in for this challenging class where all moves learned are inverted! A great workout and fear to get over in we’ll experienced hands. All levels welcome. Shorts a must. (P)

 ASY Booty Camp-Have you ever thought of having surgery to enhance your curves? ASY Booty Camp will give you that look and more! Come and learn Master training techniques that will tone, grow, and sculpt your glutes! Minimize cellulite and give you the stares you deserve! Results are typical and visible within 3 weeks. What are you waiting for? Join us today! Wear sneakers and come ready to work!! (F)

Flare, Floor, & Flow-Step up your Floorwork in this challenging floor class! Learn sexy floor moves from windmills to heel clacks, shoulder stands and roll overs. A great addition to your pole game and routines. Modern dance with a twist of sexy! Come with tights and knee pads. (F)

ASY TwerkFit -Join us for this high intensity booty work class that will give you core control and teach you how to Pop, Clap, and Twerk. You will learn various forms of Twerk whether it's with your hands on your knees on palms on the floor! Bring water, tights, and knee pads, and come ready!!! (F)

ASY S.L.A.P-Join us for this sexy & enjoyable Self Love and Play tease class! This class is not for the shy. Learn how to entice and tease "Stripper Style" as if you were working for dollars! This class will boast the sexiest tunes and double as great ab workout. Please wear tights, and bring your heels! (F)

Sultry Sihouettes-Bring out your alter ego in this sexy and creative class! Learn how to move with ease, slow, and very sensual. While learning AS Y Strip Techniques you will lalso learn how to accent your curves, and move like a cat while your identity is concealed behind our silhouette curtain. Make him want you all over again while getting to know you for a first. Wear tight fitting flexible clothing, heels, and bring your imagination. (F)






Inquire about our  Class Cards and Memberships for Savings 

Pole Classes $20-Drop In Pole Class
Class Punch Card 5 Classes-$90
10 Classes-$160

Fitness Classes $12-Drop In Fitness Class
Class Punch Card 5 Classes-$50
10 Classes $80

Monthly Memberships (Combine Pole & Fitness)
Strong Mambership-2 Classes Weekly for 30 Days $65
Sexy Membership- 4 Classes Weekly for 30 Days $85
Beautiful Membership- 6 Classes Weekly for 30 Days $105

Class Punch Cards are valid for 60 days. Memberships are valid for 30 days and renewable monthly. Auto pay requires 2 mos. in advance minimum.

Living Social and Groupon purchases should RSVP for classes as members do. Pole vouchers can only be used for pole classes.  )One class daily limit, based upon availability.   Please be mindful of expiration dates and  purchase limitations.  One per customer.
Important information:  You must register for classes you would like to attend in advance via Only a limited number of students are accepted per class. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to get changed, relaxed, and ready to work! Do not arrive late or entry may be denied.  Classes are for students only. Class observation is not permitted. Classes/Parties are non-transferable & non-refundable.

Strong � Sexy � Beautiful