So you heard how fun and crazy we are! Join us for an invigorating and fun workout that will change your mind & body in less than 30 days! Whether you are coming in as a walk in or become a member the moment you fall in love with the new you, we are here with you every step of the way. We have a judgment free zone where you are free to be you, while reinventing you.

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Begins May 3, 2016

3510 Scotts Lane, Bldg 30, 2912A, Philadelphia Pa. 19129

Simple Sunday
10a-11p Flex N Floor
11a-12p Pole Seduction
Magic City Monday 
12p-1p ASY Butt & Gut
1p-2p Pole Virgin + Spin
5:30p-6:30p Pole Virgin
6:30p-7:30p Pole 1 + Spin
7:30p-8:30p Carnival Rhythm
Tone Tuesday
9:15a-10:15a Stretch & Tone
10:15a-11:15a Pole Virgin + Spin
5:30p-6:30p All Level Spin
6:30p-7:30p ASY Butt & Gut
Waisted Wednesday 
6p-7p Stiletto Fit
7p-8p Pole Seduction
Trap Thursday 
9:15a-10:15p ASY Butt & Gut
10:15a-11:15a Pole Virgin + Spin
5:30p-6:30p Pole I + Spin
6:30p-7:30p Flex N' Floor
7:30p-8:30p Trap N' Twerk
Freedom Friday
4:30p-5:30p Pole Play
5:30p-6:30p Pole Play



Inquire about Personal Training and Private Pole Lessons
Scheduled Based Upon Availability
Our classes are 55 minutes long, and are subject to change.  Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class start time. Late entry may  be denied. Bring a towel, water, shorts, and heels to class. 


Class Descriptions

(P-Pole Class, F-Fitness Class)


Pole Virgin- You will learn the grips & technique of Pole Fitness and are ready to apply your knowledge & skill to some sexy and fun static moves!  Beginner inverts, floorwork,, and pole spins are broken down and practiced in this class. This class is a great pole strength builder, and will tone you from head to toe!  Pole Virgin is a prerequisite to A Sensual Pole I.  Your ASY trained instructor will graduate you to that next level. (P) $20

Pole Virgin + Spin-Join us for the intro level pole class that will get you pole addicted. Pole Virgin is the first stop to any ASY pole class where you will learn intro level moves and strengtheners. Mid class, spin pole at an intro level will be introduced. (P) $20

A Sensual Pole I-You are now "pole addicted!!  In this class you will more detailed spins, static poses, climbing, climbing to inverts, and pole dance combinations! Not only will this class boost your pole confidence,  it will strengthen and tone your entire body like a true athlete! This class is a prerequisite to A Sensual Pole Dance II, in which your ASY trained instructor will graduate you to that next level. Pole Virgin is a prerequisite. (P) $20

A Sensual Pole II- This is an intermediate pole fitness class for a seasoned Pole I student and the pole student who is looking to take their pole skills to the next level.  Many of the moves in this class will challenge you to gain strength and flexibility, and think beyond measure. Shoulder mounts, Scorpios, & Ayshas are a few moves you will perfect in this class, not to leave out handsprings & intermediate grip techniques. Pole I is a prerequisite. (P) $20

Pole Flow- Want to learn how to move & flow to music? Learn signature pole flow by ASY. Maybe your a great pole dancer but cant tie the moves together. Learn how to move like a true life entertainer! Join us for a musicality lesson that will change your flow! Pole I is a prerequisite class.  (P) $20

Stage Flow Flare-Come have fun, perform, & work! This all level pole class requires boots, stage wear & a stage attitude! We will go from beginner to dropping waterfalls to the latest beats. Heel flares & poppin! Not recommended for Pole Virgins. Time for the club! (P) $20  

Climb & Core-Join us on this intense pole fitness class where you will learn over 6 styles of pole climbs in combination with a fierce pole core workout including dead lift techniques to give you a strong core and visual flat abs with a visible "v line." Shorts needed. (P) $20
A Sensual Pole 1+ Spin-You will learn more detailed spins,static & spin pole, static poses, climbing, climbing into inverts, & combinations. Not only will this class boost your pole confidence, it will strengthen & tone your entire body like an athlete. Pole Virgin is a prerequisite. (P) $20    

Pole Play-This is a members only uninstructed pole play class where you can work on moves learned in class to strengthen your pole game.(P) $20                          

Stiletto Fit-Join us for this Philadelphia Magazine A+ rated class! Bring your stilettos, bottle of water and energy! You will enhance your workout in your heels, clap, pop, and squat. Bring the heat, and your smile!(F) $10

Apple Bottom-Spring is here! Apple Bottom is back! Join us for a power hour dedicated to the mighty apple bottom! Lift, shape, & add volume to your booty, without unnecessary surgery or unsafe underground shots. This class is guaranteed to give you a lift & confidence. (F) $10


Hot Sexy Flexy -This sexy stretch class will lengthen and strengthen your muscles into beautiful lines with flexibility & grace. Elevated temperatures & sexy tunes to relax your mind and body as we push you to your flexible limits. Great for all, great for pole dancers. (F) $10


Tone Extreme-This total body toning class provides exercises with particular emphasis on the glutes, thighs & abs. A variety of equipment such as resistance bands, dumb bells, and stability balls will be incorporated.(F) $10

A Sensual Swag-Join us for this new and exciting class that will take your sexy swag to the next level! A Sensual Swag is a combination of sexy & swag and hip-hop. You will learn sexy choreography to the latest songs! (F) $10

Booty Blast-This fun & crazy dance fitness class will get your booty in shape on the double. Bring water & tights as we put you to work with booty lifting techniques using dance and fitness. Guaranteed to lift, & shift. Come prepared for a great cardio workout too! (F) $10.

Trap N' Twerk-Join us for this high intensity booty work class that will give you core control and teach you how to pop, clap, & Twerk, then put it together in a Twerk routine worthy of a competition. Bring water, tights, or loose sweats to work to your full potential. (F) $10





Inquire about our  Membership Packages! Walk ins welcome!
Strong Membership $60-Join us for 30 days and get 2 days a week of classes, AM or PM
1 class/day for one economical price!

Sexy Membership-$80 Join us for 30 Days, 4 classes a week, limited to 2 classes/day, AM or PM    


ASY Membership-$100 Join us for 30 days, 6 classes a week, limited to 2 classes/day, AM & PM,  receive additional bonuses including a fitness evaluation, and 10% off Workshops & Events!
Living Social and Groupon purchases should RSVP for classes as members do. Pole vouchers can only be used for pole classes.  Our fitness classes are regular rate. One class daily limit, based upon availability.   Please be mindful of expiration dates and  purchase limitations.  One per customer.
Important information:  You must register for classes you would like to attend in advance via Only a limited number of students are accepted per class. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to get changed, relaxed, and ready to work! Do not arrive late or entry may be denied.  Classes are for students only. Class observation is not permitted. Classes are non-transferable & non-refundable.

Strong, Sexy, & Beautiful!